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That glance can not be termed as true

That glance can not be termed as true
Which draws; a line 'twixt red and pale
That sight is true which does not like
The light of Sun or Moon to 'vail.

The aim and goal of Muslim true
Is far beyond the bounds of West
Take longer steps and walk space,
As this site is not meant for rest.

The marts that sell the wine in West
Always keep their doors ajar:
The rapture caused by Knowledge new
Is removed from sin much afar.
If your frame is bereft or heat
Which words, "No god but He impart",
Then bear in mind this well-known fact.

Your soul from body may depart.
The sons of Khans, who own high rank,
Shall listen to my humble sound
Though I am dressed in rags and sack
And wear no cap or turban round.

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