Whence does the zest of liquor come
In mournful tune of hollow reed
Is its main-spring the player's heart,
Or does it from the pipe proceed?

What is the source of heart's great might,
Wherefore to rapture it is prone
How does it topple with a glance
The firm and mighty Achamenian throne?

Why does the heart bestow fresh life
On nations On verge of decline:
Why do its states, have constant change,
Are points that no one can divine?

Why is it that in eyes of man
On whom God has bestowed a heart,
The realms of Syria, Rome and Rai
Are fake effects in the mart?

The day the minstrel grasps this point
Which is hid in depths of heart,
Take it for granted, you have traversed
All the stages required by art.

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