Might of Islam Mosque


Now naught remains in Muslim's breast,
His heart devoid of glint and glow:
He avowed with zeal 'No God but He',
But dead and cold the zeal for show.

The Muslim's state has so declined
That Nature fails to know at sight,
Because the slavish acts of Ayaz
Have put Mahmud's high rank in plight.

You have withstood the ruin of Time
And kept your ground as firm as rock.
Constraint has turned the Muslims weak,
You put them all to shame and shock.

The worship of such Muslims suits
Your structure immense and so vast,
Who with one breath that God is Great
Found truth and lies away are cast.

The Muslim's breast is quite bereft
Of previous heat and ardour strong
His blessings, worship are devoid
OF innate heat and fret since long.

His call to prayer is devoid
Of lofty tones and grandeur great
O God, let this be known to him,
Will you let him 'fore you prostrate?

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