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A Muslim


A Muslim true gets grandeur new
with moment's change and every hour
By words and deeds he gives a proof
Of Mighty God, His reach and power.

To rout the foes, to grant them reprieve,
Do pious deeds and show great might
Are four ingredients that make
A Muslim Devout who shuns not fight.

With Gabriel trusted and steadfast
This clay-born man has kinship close
A dwelling in some land or clime
For himself Muslim never chose.

This secret yet none has grasped
That Muslim Scripture reads so sweet
Practising rules by it prescribed,
Becomes its pattern quite complete.

The Faithful acts on aims and ends
That Nature keeps before its sight
In world he sifts the good and bad,
In future shall judge wrong and right.

While dealing with friends and mates,
He is dew that thirst of tulip slakes:
When engaged with his foes in fight,
Like torrent strong makes rivers shake.

The charm of Nature's eternal song
In Muslim's life, no doubt is found
Like chapter Rahman of the Koran,
Is full of sweet melodious sound.

Such thoughts that shine like lustrous stars
My brain, like workshop, can provide
You can select the star you like,
So that your Fate this star may guide

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