Unity of God


The subtle point in God's Oneness hid
With ease in words we can explain
But what about your mind unsound
That brims with myths and idols vain?

The Elder of the Shrine has traits
That smack of Jurist's faith and creed
Much thirst for view 'No god but He',
Among his fellows cannot breed.

None can appraise the glee one gets,
When war is on 'twixt good and bad
He who can't inflict deadly blows
And strokes in war is never glad.

Observations made by free born men
In world with marvels so replete
To those who own the glance of thralls
None can such wonders 'fore them repeat.

A Darvesh holds a loftier rank
Than a monarch who wears a crown
There is no cure for such a man,
Who, like paupers, has sunk down.

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