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Holy War


It is the verdict of the Shaikh
That pen is stronger than the sword
"The sword has lost its might and force,
Tile pen has gained a firmer hold."

But does not the august Shaikh
Take cognizance of this bitter fact
That this lecturing in the mosque
Can never make the least effect?

In hands of Muslims of the world,
Where can the gun and sword be seen?
If equipped with such deadly arms,
To suffer death they won't be keen.

At sight of heathen's natural death,
If one with fear and fright is filled
No one directs a man like that
To get in Holy War be killed.

A man, whose bloody claws for world
With risk and danger much are fraught,
Must avoid the Holy Wars,
To give up wars he must be taught.

The West is bent to mount a guard
On false, untrue pretentious show
It is armed with weapons dread,
Is clad in mail from top to toe.

We like to Ask the holy Shaikh,
Who holds the shrine in high esteem,
If war for West is heinous crime,
How far in East can harmless seem?

A man concerned with truth alone
Can never this much proper deem
That East for sins must reckoning face,
But crimes by West may lighter seem.

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