Oneness of God


There were times when God's oneness was
A living force in world of clay:
But subtle points by pedants raised
Have changed the trend of times today.

If conduct dark is not illumed
By means of bright and dazzling glow
It means that rank of Muslim true
He himself also does not know.

O Marshal of this great array,
I have descried your mighty hordes
They don't repeat "Say God is One",
Their sheaths devoid of piercing swords.

The Mullah and Jurist both alas
About this fact are not aware ;
As long as thoughts are not the same,
The ripeness of acts leads nowhere.

The Mullahs who lead prayers brief,
Don't know a nation's goal and aim.
How can they learn a nation's weight,
When things like this they do not claim?

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