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Admission to a Philosophy Stricken Sayyad


If your Self had not been debased and lost,
Bergson, his spell. on you would not have cast.
Hegel's shell is quite devoid of gem that gleams,
His Talisman merely web of fancy seems.
Man's need is how this earthly life to brace,
He yearns that Self may last 'yond Time and Space.
To have a life steadfast is his desire,
He seeks some rules to guide his life entire.
The source, that gloom dispels, spreads light around,
Is Worship Call at morn with clarion sound.
I am by breed a pure and trite Somnati,
Ancestors mine were both Lati and Manati.
You hail from Hashemite Prophet's race,
My origin from Brahmans I have to trace.
Philosophy is my body's essential part,
It is rooted deep in fibres of my heart.
lqbal devoid of skill and craft though be,
Through every vein of thought can fully see.
The frenzy in your breast is shorn of glow,
This heart illuming point you ought to know.
Intellect leads a man from God astray,
Philosophy from grasping facts keeps away.
Dumb strains produced by calm and serious, thought,
Slay zeal for active life and achieve not aught.
True faith and creed give strength to earthly
Abraham and Prophets' Seal guide to face its strife.
Ali's son, you are deceived by Avicenna's thought,
Give ears to what the Holy Prophet taught.
You can not see the path you have to tread,
So choose a guide from tribe of Koraish instead.

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