No God but He (Unity of God)


The secret of the Self is hid,
In words "No god but He alone".
The Self is just a dull-edged sword,
"No god but He," the grinding stone.

An Abraham by the age is sought
To break the idols of this Hall:
The avowal of God's Oneness can
Make all these idols headlong fall.

A bargain you have struck for goods
Of life, a step, that smacks conceit,
All save the Call "No god but He"
Is merely fraught with fraud and deceit.

The worldly wealth and riches too,
Ties of blood and friends a dream
The idols wrought by doubts untrue,
All save God's Oneness empty seem.

The mind has worn the holy thread
Of Time and Space like pagans all
Though Time and Space both illusive
"No god but He" is true withal.

These melodious songs are not confined
To Time when rose and tulip bloom
Whatever the season of year be
"No god but He" must ring till doom.

Many idols are still concealed'
In their sleeves by the Faithful Fold,
I am ordained by Mighty God
To raise the call and be much bold.

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