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Adam is Received by the Spirit of the Earth

Open thy eyes and look above,
Look at the streak of dawn;
Look at the veiling of the vision;
Look at. the banishment unfair;
Look at the battle of hope and fear.

Thine are the clouds, the rains, the skies,
Thine are the winds, the storms,
The woods, the mountains, the rivers are thine;
The world of the angels was a void;
Look at the peopled earth, which is thine.

Thou wilt rule it like a king;
The stars will gaze in wonder-,
Thy vision will encompass the earth;
Thy sighs will reach the heavens;
Look at the power of thy pain and passion.

The spark in thee is a radiant sun;
A new world lives in thee;
Thou carest not for a borrowed heaven;
Thy life-blood has it concealed;
Look at the reward of anguish and toil.

Thy lyre has an eternal plaintive string,
Panting with the passion of love-,
Thou guardest eternal secrets divine,
And livest a life of obedient power;
Look at the world as shaped by thy will.

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