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New worlds will he conquered

New worlds will he conquered
By men of vision now;
Their eyes should not be riveted
On regions known to all.

The Western world bustles with life;
Schools echo with song,
Warmed by youthful bodies,
Drunk. with youthful glances,

I care not for the philosopher,
Or for The mullah,
One is the heart’s death;
The other is death of thought.

I dare not question the power
Of law—makers of the land,
But what I want, and they do not,
Is a widening of the mind.

Pervez’s wealth can be bought,
His luxury procured, But a g
But a gift of God is the wealth
Of Farhad’s sacrifice.

I have revealed the secrets
Of esoteric life,
To liberate the thought
Of schools and monasteries.

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