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Neither the power of kings

Neither the power of kings,
Nor the might of armies,
Has the force of the pious,
Indifferent to both the worlds.

‘There is no God but God’,
Is the essence of the secret.,
The world is a temple,
And the man of God is Abraham.

Thy world is the world
Thou dost create thyself.,
And not the world of brick and mortar
Before thy outward eyes.

Thy dust that should aspire
Beyond the moon and stars,
Is languishing still on its way,
Fettered and earth—bound.

The West is faced with a torrent—
Gigantic, monster—like,
A torrent that will engulf
Its power over the world.

My sighs by day and night
Open a world anew,
Seek this world of mine
In the ethereal region.

Though I have the remains
Of a potent wine left,
Better it is than the emptiness
Of monasteries and schools.

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