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Reason is not far

Reason is not far
From the great empyrean,
But is not destined
To get a glimpse of the divine.

Pray to the Lord for a heart
That sees the light of Heaven;
The eyes’ vision is not
The same as vision of The heart.

Knowledge, too, doth possess
The power to intoxicate,
But it is a paradise
In which there are no nymphs.

This age of barrenness
Has not produced so far
A single soul that has
Transcendent absorption.

There is a frenzy which
Has strains of consciousness,
And a frenzy which is
Unhampered by its shackles.

Impatience is to the heart
What life is to the soul;
The heart that has no yearning
Has no pulsating life.

‘Show Thyself to me’,
I mutter oft with boldness;
But this is not a tale
Of Moses on the Mount.

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