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The way to renounce is

The way to renounce is
To conquer the earth and heaven;
The way to renounce is not
To starve oneself to death.

O cultists! I like not
Your austere piety;
Your piety is penury,
Suffering and grief.

A nation that has lost
Taimur’s great heritage,
Is unfit for piety,
And is unfit to rule.

If the sweet Cup—bearer
Listens not to me, it is good;
When I say, ‘no more’,
That will only bring me more.

The Sufi and his peers
Are all engrossed in a glimpse;
They know not that concealment
Is itself a vision.

Bondage is freedom
With favours from on high,
And when favours are withheld,
Even freedom is bondage.

The West is a treasure-house
For the reason’s quest;
But for the heart it is
A source of decay and death.

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