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An illumined heart is ,supernal

An illumined heart is ,supernal,
Like Omar’s or Ali’s heart;
An illumined heart is the alchemy
To burnish the human soul.

Create an illumined heart,
For when the heart is dormant,
Neither my words nor thine
Can permeate thy soul.

How long should I desist
From inflaming thee to action,
Lest thy Promethean flame
Should be stolen by aliens?

Where will they turn, O Lord—
These simple worshippers of thine—
For the dervish’s cloak is a hoax,
And royal robes are a farce?

This modern culture of ours
Has given me a freedom
Which is freedom to the outward eye,
Disguising shackles and chains.

You alone can rescue me,
Revered Apostle of God;
My intellect is Western,
My belief is heathenish.

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