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If the stars are astray

If the stars are astray,
The heavens are Thine, not mine;
Why should I fret about the world?
The world is Thine, not mine.

If Thy world is cold,
Devoid of the warmth of passion,
Whose fault is it, my Lord?
That world is Thine, not mine.

How dared he defy Thee,
At the dawn of life?
It was he who was
Thy confidant,
It is Thy secret, not mine.

The apostle is Thine, and Gabriel,
And so is the Holy Word,
But whose life does the Holy Word concern?
Is it Thine or mine?

Man is the star that brightens
Thy lonely, desolate world;
Will the eclipse of this star
Be a loss of Thine or mine?

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