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O the much sought after Reality! Some time appear in material form


O the much sought after Reality! Some time  appear in material form
As innumerable prostrations restless in my humble forehead are

Join the assembly's celebrations, You are a song, be heard
What good are melodies which veiled in guitar's frets are

Do not jealously protect them , your mirrors are the mirrors 
Which  would be dearer in the Maker's eye if they broken are 

During circumambulation the moth exclaimed, Those past effects
Neither in your story of pathos, nor in my tale of  love are

My wretched sins could not get shelter anywhere except 
When  they in the shade of Thy Gracious Forgiveness were

Neither Love has that warmth nor Beauty has that humor
Neither that restlessness in Ghaznavi nor those  curls in the hair locks of Ayaz are

Whenever I went into prostration a voice came from the earth
Your heart is in materialism no rewards  for your prayers are

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