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The Renaissance Of Islam


The fading glitter of stars  is the signal of a bright dawn
The sun has risen from  the horizon, the time  of deep stupor is gone!

Life-blood has started flowing through the dead arteries of the East
This  secret  is incomprehensible to Sina and Farabi !

The storm of the West has made the Muslim  into a real Muslim 
Only the upheavals of the sea bring the pearl's beauty to its perfection

The Muslim is to be endowed again from the God's  Court with
Turkoman's dignity, Indian's intellect, Arab's eloquence

If some slumber is lurking still in the flower buds 
Strike the beat harder if the taste for music is lacking

Jump restlessly in the garden, in the nest, in bowers 
It is impossible to deprive mercury of its restlessness

Why should the eye used to chaste things see coat of arms
When it is able to see the valor of the Ghazi's soul!

O God, light the candle of Longing in the tulip's heart
Make every speck of garden's  dust a martyr searching for the Truth

The effect of spring showers exists in the Muslim's tears 
Pearls are to be produced again in the ocean of Ibrahim

The Book of the Muslim nation is being organized again 
This Hashimite Branch is going to blossom again!

The beloved of Shiraz has won the hearts of  Tabriz and Kabul
The zephyr produces its  fellow traveler from rose fragrance!

The avalanche of calamity over Uthmanis is not to be bereaved 
As the dawn is produced after destruction of myriads of stars!

Insight into the world is more difficult than the worlds sovereignty 
Insight is produced only when the heart  melts into blood!

For thousands of years narcissus bemoans its lack of luster 
The discerning person is produced in the garden with difficulty

Sing O Nightingale so that with your modulations 
The falcon's  heart in the pigeon's frail body be produced 

Concealed within your heart is the secret  of life 
Relate to the Muslim the traditions of pathos of life

You are the potent hand and the word of the Eternal God 
O imprudent one! Develop Faith as you have been overcome with doubts

The Muslim's destination is beyond  the azure colored sky
You are the caravan the dust of whose trail are stars!

The house is ephemeral, the dweller is momentary, yours are the Beginning and the End
You are the Final Message of God and you are eternal!

Your life-blood adorns with myrtle the bride called tulip 
Your origin is from Ibrahim, you are the world's  architect!

Your nature is the custodian of all life's possibilities 
So to say you are the touch-stone for world's hidden jewels!

From the material world to the Eternal world
You are the gift which the Holy Prophet took!

The history of the Muslim nation reveals the secret
That you are the protector of the nations of Asia

Learn again the lesson of Truth, Justice, and Bravery
You are to be entrusted with the world's  leadership!

This alone is the creation's objective, this alone is Islam's secret
That there should be universal brotherhood, abundant love!

Breaking the idols of race and color merge into the millat
There should be neither Turanian, nor Iranian, nor Afghanian!

How long the companionship of garden's birds inside the garden's confines?
Your wings are capable of the flight of Quhistan's falcon!

In the world of existence full of doubts, the Muslim's Faith
Is like a beacon of light in the dark night of the wilderness

What could demolish the grandeur of Qaiaer and Kisra?
Nothing but Haider's prowess, Bu Dhars faqr, Salman's truth

With what dignity did the free men of the millat march out?
The centuries-old prisoners are only watching the spectacle through door's crevices!

Stability of life in this world is bestowed  by firm Faith
The Turanian has proved even longer lasting than the German

When Faith is created in this earthly ember
It itself creates wings and plumage of  Jibril!

Neither swords nor plans are of  any avail in slavery 
Chains are cast away when taste for  Faith is created

Can anyone assess the strength of his arms?
Destinies are changed by the Believer's mere glance!

Sainthood, sovereignty, the universality of material knowledge
What are all these except unraveling of the secrets of Faith!

It is however difficult to develop  IbrAhimis vision
Greed creates subconscious images stealthily in the vision!

The ruled and ruler's discrimination is the bane of humanity
Beware, O oppressors the punishments of God for this are severe!

The essence of everything is the same, be it of dust or light
Sun's blood would  drip by cutting the core of dust's speck

Firm Faith, constant struggle, Love, conquest of the universe
These are the swords for the brave men in the battle of life

What is expected from the brave? High disposition, sincere creed
Warm heart, immaculate vision and restless soul!

Those who had attacked like eagle emerged as wingless
The evening stars after diving into dusk's  blood emerged shining!

Those accustomed to swimming under the sea were buried under the sea
Those who bored ocean waves dashes emerged as pearls!

Those who were proud of alchemy are like the way side dust
Those who humbly prostrated before God emerged as elixir makers!

Our slow-moving messenger has brought the message of life
Those who got electric messages emerged as uninformed!

The aram has been disgraced by the priests short-sight
With what excellent insight the Tatar youth have come out!

Angels, the denizens of celestial world,  were saying to the earth
These earthly men emerged more lively, more virulent, more splendid!

The men of Faith live in the world like the sun
Set here, come out there, set there, come out here!

The individual's  Faith is the means of national renaissance 
This  is the force which shapes the nation's destiny!

You are the secret of  Kun Fikan, be manifest to yourself
Become the knower of the secret of Khudi, become interpreter of God

Human greed has torn the human race into pieces
Be the declaration of fraternity, become the  language of Love 

This is Indian, that Khurisanian, this Afghanian, that Turtnian is 
O you disgraced by nationalism, jump out and become  boundless

Your wings and plumage are polluted with race and color's dust
O aram's bird flutter your wings before you become ready for flight

O imprudent one! Dive in Khudi , this is the secret of life 
Relinquishing the narrow confines of time become  eternal 

In the battle of life acquire the nature of steel
In the Love's bed-chamber become soft like silk

Transcend mountains and deserts like a furious flood
If there be a garden in your path, become a melodious brook

The bounds of your Knowledge and Love are none
Melody sweeter than you in the Divine orchestra is none!

Humanity is still the helpless prey to imperialism
Outrageous that Man is the hunter of the human race!

The glitter of modern civilization dazzles the eye
But this is the luster of unreal jewels only!

The science which was the pride of the West's sages
Is the battle-sword in the blood-stained clutches of greed!

The magic of prudence cannot make stable
The civilization which is based on capitalism

Dynamism establishes life; bestows heaven as well as hell 
This earthly creature in its  nature is neither angelic nor infernal

Partake the nightingale's clamor, open the flower bud
As your person is the spring breeze for this garden

The spark of Love has again risen from the Asia's  heart
The world is the parading ground of the satin-clad Tatars

Come, a purchaser has appeared for this frail soul
After a long time a caravan has arrived at our place

Come, O cup-bearer, the sad bird's music is coming from the bower
Spring has come, the beloved has come, as the beloved has come tranquillity has come!

The spring cloud  has established its camp up hill and  down dale
The sound of waterfalls from the mountain tops has come!

I have  surrendered my life to you, O cup-bearer, you should also sing the future's songs
Because in rows after rows groups of singing birds have come!

Withdraw from the ascetics and fearlessly draw the wine cup
After long nightingale's song from this old branch has come!

Narrate to Lovers the traditions of Badr and Hunain's Master
His hidden meanings clear to my eyes have become!

The other branch of Khalil is greening up with our blood
In Love's market-place our currency full value has become

I am sprinkling tulip petals at the martyr's grave
As his blood favorable to our nation's  sapling has become!

Come, so that we may sprinkle flowers and pour wine in cup
Rend asunder the sky's roof and establish a new foundation

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