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The Travelers' Guide



One night at the river-bank I was absorbed in contemplation
With a world of restlessness concealed in the heart's recesses

The night was tranquil, air calm, river gently flowing was
My eye was amazed whether the river or a picture of water it was!

As the suckling baby falls asleep in the cradle
The restless wave had fallen asleep somewhere else!

With the spell of night the birds were confined in nests
The twinkling stars were caught in the moon's spell!

Suddenly I saw that the globe-trotting Khizar
Whose old age contained youth's color like dawn

Was saying to me O seeker of the eternal secrets
If the inner eye be open world's destiny would be unveiled'!

On hearing this an uproaring tumult rose in my heart
Being devoted to seeking the Truth I started talking thus

O you whose world-encompassing eye sees those storms
Whose tumults are still sleeping quietly in the river

The indigent's boat the chaste soul, the orphans wall
Even the knowledge of Musa before you is in amazement

Leaving habitations you remain wandering in wilderness
No day and night, no yesterday and tomorrow is in your life

What is the secret of life? What is imperialism ?
And what is this struggle between labor and capital ?

The ancient patched garment of Asia is being torn
The youth of parvenu nations are adorned with ornaments!

Though Alexander remained deprived of eternitys water
The nature of Alexander is busy still in merry-making!

The Holy Prophet's progeny is selling his din's honor
And the struggling Turk is smeared in dust and blood!

There is fire, there is Ibrahim's progeny, there is Namrud! 
Does someone desire someone's test again


Sahra Navardi ( Wandering  in  Deserts )

Why are you amazed at my wandering in the deserts ?
This incessant toil is demonstration of life

O the one confined to home, you have not seen that sight
When the call for battle march resounds in the desert air!

That care-free stroll of the deer on the mound of sand
That home without chattel, that journey without distance and destination!

That appearance of the fast-moving star at the dawn
Or the forehead of Jibreel manifest from the sky!

That setting of the sun in the silence of the desert air
By which increased the insight of  Khalal's universe-envisaging eye!

And that halting of the caravan at the stream bank
As the believers gathering round the Salsabil !

The ardent Love is in search of an ever new wild land
And in city your effort is in farming and horticulture

The cup of life becomes more mature by revolving
O negligent one, this alone is the secret of life's permanence!


Zindagi ( Life )

Much above the fear of profit and loss is life!
Now the soul now the surrender of soul is life!

Do not measure it on the scale of today and tomorrow
Eternal, incessantly struggling, ever young is life!

Create your own world if you claim to be among the living
The secret of Adam and the object of Kun fikun is life

Ask the mountain digger for the reality of life
The canal of milk, the axe, the heavy rock is life

In slavery it is choked to a mere trickling brook
And in freedom like the boundless ocean is life

It is manifested by its power of subduing
Though concealed in a body of dust is life

You have emerged from the existence ocean like a bubble
In this losing battle your examination is life

While you are immature only a heap of dust you are
On attaining maturity a merciless sword you are!

The heart which is restless for death in defense of Truth
Should first life in his own body  must create

Should burn down this borrowed universe
And from the ashes his own universe should create

Should demonstrate the potential power of life
So that this spark may the eternal light create

Should shine like the sun over the lands of the East
So that Badakhshan the same invaluable rubies may again create

Should send heaven-ward the emissary of nightly wailing
And in the night's stars its confidantes should create

This is the hour of Judgment you in the Judgement's field are
O negligent one, present actions if some in your treasure are!

Saltanat ( Imperialism )

Come, I shall tell you the secret of the verse Inn al-muluk
Imperialism is an enchantment of the victorious nations

If the ruled from his stupor slightly wakes up
The ruler's spell lulls him back to sleep again

From the effect of the spell of Mahmud the eye of Ayaz
Sees the accouterments of loveliness round his neck

At last the blood of Israil boils up with anger
The spell of  Samiri is smashed up by some Musa

Sovereignty befits only that Peerless Essence2
Only He is the sovereign, the rest are Azar's idols

Do not disgrace your independent disposition with slavery
So that you do not mold yourself into the master who would be a worse infidel than the Brahman

The Western democratic system is the same old orchestra
In whose frets is nothing different from the  Qaisar's tune

The monster of despotism is treading in democracy's robe
You consider it as the beautiful ferry of independence!

The legislative assembly, the reforms, the rights and concessions
In Western medicine the tastes are sweet, the effect is soporific!

May God protect us from the fervor of speeches of members of assemblies
This also is the capitalists sham quarreling to deceive the poor!

You have taken this apparent beauty's mirage as a garden!
Ah ! O ignorant one! You have taken the cage to be the nest!


Sarmayah-O-Mehnat ( Capital  and  Labor )

Go and deliver my message to the laboring person
Not only Khizar's message, this is the universal message!

O whom  the fraudulent capitalist has destroyed
Your destiny has remained a fugitive for centuries

The wealth-creating hand had been paid wages
As the rich pay charity to the poor!

The magician of Alamut gave you the hashish leaves
And you, O negligent one, took it as a tuft of candy!

Race, nation, church, empire, civilization, color
This assortment of intoxicants  is made by "imperialism"

The ignorant one gave up his life for mythical gods
You destroyed your life's capital under intoxicants love

The capitalist has won with deceitful stratagems
Due to extreme naivete the laborer is checkmated

Rise, as the world's assembly has adopted different ways
In the East  and the West is the beginning of your age

Those with elegant courage do not accept even the ocean
O negligent one, how long would you hold dew in your skirt like the flower bud?

Music of masses renaissance is a means of pleasure
The soporific tale of Alexander and Jam how long ?

A new sun has arisen from the bowels of the earth
O Sky ! Mourning of stars which have set how long?

Human nature has broken down all the chains
Man's eye would weep for the lost Paradise how long?

The spring says this to the helping gardener
You would apply ointment to the rose wounded heart how long?

O simple fire-fly,  be free of revolving round the candle
And be living in the illuminated place of your own nature!

Dunya-i-Islam ( The  World  of  Islam )

Why are you relating to me the story of Turks and Arabs
Nothing of the grief and joys of Muslims is hidden from me

The sons of the Cross have taken away the heritage of  Khalil
The soil of Hijaz has become the brick of the church's foundation!

The red cap has become disgraced in the world
Those who were formerly proud are in need of others!

From the wine sellers of Europe Iran is purchasing
That strong wine by whose heat the decanter is melted

The politics of the West has reduced the nation such
As gold is rendered to pieces by scissors

The blood of the Muslim has become cheap like water
You are restless as your heart is unaware of their fate

Rumi said that every old building that is to be rebuilt
Do you not know that the building is first demolished ?

The homeland has been lost, the nation has been jolted
O negligent one, look deep as God has granted you insight!

Defeat is better than helplessly begging for momiyai
O helpless ant ! Do not take your requests to a Sulaiman

The salvation of the East is in organization of the Muslim nations
The people of Asia are still unaware of this mystery

Relinquishing politics enter the fort of din again
Country and wealth is only a reward for Haram's defense

The Muslims should unite into one body for Haram's defense
From the banks of the Nile to the City of  Kashghar!

Whoever would discriminate for color and race would perish
Whether he be the tent-dwelling Turk or the high ranking Arab!

If race would become more important than din to the Muslim
He would be blown away from the world like the dust of the road!

To establish the Khilafah's foundations in the world again
The need is to bring from somewhere the ancestors mettle

O You who do not distinguish between the tangible and the intangible, beware
O the captive of Abu Bakr and Ali, beware



Shaair ( The Poet )

Complaint was incumbent on Love and it has been lodged
With a cool heart now watch the effect of the complaint!

You have witnessed the zenith of the majesty of the river's flow
Now watch how the restless wave becomes  a chain in which it gets entangled

The dream of universal freedom which was seen by Islam
O Muslim, you should watch the interpretation of that dream today!

Its own ashes are a means of existence to salamander
You should watch the resurrection of this world after death!

With open eyes in the mirror or my discourses
You should watch a faint image of the coming age 

The sky has one more tested trick preserved in its store
Watch the disgrace of planning in face of destiny's strength

You are a Muslim keep your breast happy with Longing
Every moment keep your eye on La yukhlif-ul-Miad

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