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I And You

Neither I have Kalim's knowledge nor you have Khalal's manners
I am destroyed by Samiri's magic, you are the victim of Azar's method!

I am the scalded, unsung song, you are the faded color, the departed fragrance
I am the tale of grief's longing, you are the narration of love's mourning!

My grief is pleasure, my poison is honey, my existence is companion of annihilation
Your heart is Haram captivated by the Ajam, your din has been purchased by infidelity!

Loss of life is its essence, concern for life is its poison
Do not be sad for loss, do not take grief's poison as this is the way of qalandari!

Do not care for poverty and affluence, if your dust has a spark
Because in the world Haider's strength depends on bread of  Shaair

Haram's lamp tell me some such method of circumambulation
Which would again grant to your moth the same salamander's nature!

The complaint of friendly cruelty which the Haram has against its people
If I relate in some temple even the idol would call out Hari Hari

Neither the world's battle-fields nor the arm-twisting enemies are new
The nature of Asad-ul-Lahi as well as Maraabi and Antari are the same

Mercy ! O Arab and Ajam's Lord , as waiting for benevolence are

Whom thou has given the pride of Alexander.

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