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An Incident of the Battle of Yarmuk


The armed Arab youth were arrayed for battle
The bride of Syria's land was waiting for myrtle

A young man who was restless like mercury
Approaching the army's general started saying

O Abu Ubaidah grant me permission to fight
The cup of my patience and calm is full

I am becoming impatient in the Holy Prophet's separation
In his Love even a moment's life has become hard

As I am going to the Holy Prophet's audience
I shall gladly convey if there is any message

The general's eye, whose sight was like an un-sheathed sword,
Noticing this zeal and fervor was moist with tears

The army's general exclaimed., You are that young man
The respect for whose Love is binding on the elders

May the God of  Muhammad fulfill your wish
How elegant is the stage of  your Love!

When you arrive in the audience of the Holy Prophet
Present this petition with my sincere compliments

The Exalted God has shown His Mercy to us
Have been fulfilled all the promises you had made to us

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