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The Princess of Flowers


One day the dew in the garden was saying to the flower bud
I lived for a long time among the flower buds of Paradise

The condition of your garden is so elegant
The Paradise's sight is concealed in my bewildered eye

I have heard that some princess is the ruler of this garden
With whose foot-prints the wilderness would produce flowers

Some day take me with you up to her palace
Take me concealed in your skirt like fragrance

The flower bud said On the throne is that princess of ours
By whose kick even stones become resplendent jewels

But your nature is bright and princess rank is elegant
It is not possible that you reach her in company with me

However you can reach up to our princess
By becoming the hot tear of some afflicted person

Her glance is the message of Eid to the Muharram's people
Turns the continuous tears of afflicted people into pearls

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