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Infidelity and Islam


(Includes a Verse of Mir Razi Danish)


One day Iqbal questioned the Kalim of  Tur
O You whose foot-prints converted the Valley of Sinai into a garden!

The fire of Namrud  is still ablaze in the world
Why your Love's old fire has been hidden from the eye?

The reply of Sinai's Master was If you are a Muslim
Leaving the Invisible do not become the lover of the visible

If you have taste for the visible you need the Faith of Khalil
Otherwise ashes are  the adornments of your life

If you are Lover of the Invisible do not care at all
Set your lamp in the Valley of Faran and remain waiting

The visible's glory is temporary, the Invisibile's  Majesty is permanent
This Truth  has the body-and-soul connection with Love

What if the flame of  Namrud is alight in the world
The candle melts itself in the midst of  the assembly


My light like the stone's spark is better if concealed

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