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The nation did not care for the message of Gautam at all
The value of its own single pearl it did not appreciate at all

Ah! The unfortunate nation remained unaware of the call of the Truth
The tree is unaware of the sweetness of its own fruit

He exhibited whatever the secret of life was
But India proud of its visionary philosophy was

The assembly which could be illuminated by Truth's light was not this
The rain of mercy did come but the soil was not suitable!

Ah ! India is a place of sorrow for the Shudra
This habitation's heart is unaware of human sympathy

The Brahman is still intoxicated with the wine of arrogance
Gautam's candle is alight in the assembly of strangers

However, the temple again became lighted after eons
The house of Azar became lighted with Ibrahim's light

At last the call of Tawhid rose from the Punjab again!
A perfect man roused India from its slumber again!

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