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The Poet Saiyyid Muhammad Jamal Al-Din Urfi, Shirazi


The imagination of  Urfii has created a mansion
Which has became the envy of Sina and Farrbi

On the subject of Love he wrote such music
By which red tears are still available to eyes

One day my heart made this complaint at his grave
Tunes of restlessness no longer come from world's assembly

The disposition of the world's people has changed so much
That such condition of restlessness has gone from the world

The midnight wailing of the poet is offensive to the ear
When assembly's eye be unaware of pleasure of sleeplessness

How can somebody's flame of lament  remove darkness?
When the morning's light is unwelcome for nightly worshipers

Call came from grave Reduce complaint against world's people
Strike the tune harder if the taste for music has become low

Sing the Hudi faster if the camel's litter has became heavy

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