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The Sun's Ray


At the dawn when my eye was enjoying the panorama
I saw that a ray of the sun was wandering about

I asked the ray, O head to foot restlessness!
What kind of restlessness your impatient life has!

Are you a small little lightning, which the sky
Is nurturing to fall on the harvest of nations

Is this a flash, or your eternal nature, what is it?
Is it a dance? wandering? seeking what is it?

A sea of tumults is asleep in my silent life
My existence has been nurtured by the morning's breeze

My destiny keeps me constantly restless
Taste for enlightenment keeps me busy in seeking

I am not fire-brand lightning, though by nature fire I am
Message of awakening from the world-illuminating sun I am!

Becoming collyrium I shall enter the human eye
Whatever night had hidden I shall show to the eye

Among your ecstatics is there any seeker of prudence also?
Among the sleeping people is anyone with taste of awakening also?

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