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The Present Civilization


Tazmân Bar Sh’er-i-Faizi (Based on a Verse of Faizi)


Extremely excessive is the heat of current civilization's wine 
The clay body of the Muslim has exploded into flames

It made the speck into fire-fly by giving it borrowed light
Just look at what the trickery of the splendid sun is 

The nature of the young  generation has found new  ways
This beauty, this alertness, this freedom, this fearlessness

Such a change has come  about in planning and thought
Bursting of the garden's flower-buds in Love is considered trivial

The newly flying birds have lost their nests but
A pretty sight has been shown by magician's cunningness

The new life  brought with it ever changing pleasures
Rivalry, selling conscience, impatience, greed

Muslim's assembly is glittering with the new candle's light
But my old time wisdom is saying this to the moths

O moth!  You have derived this warmth from the assembly's candle
Burn in your own fire like me if you have the warmth of the heart

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