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Shibli and Hali

One day Iqbal said to the Muslim 
Your existence is unique in the universe

The tunes of your old songs are the basis of new knowledge 
Civilization is the dust of your old  caravans

Even the zephyr's current is like stone to it 
Very delicate is the mirror of Man's honor

The men  of action by discovering the causes of phenomena
Find the cure for the azure-colored sky's cruelties

Ask them who are the old secret keepers of the garden
How the autumn became engaged in fight with your garden

The Muslim  became restless with my conversation 
The sad sigh became betrayer of the inner sorrow

He said Just look at the autumn's condition
The leaves of the tree of life have become  pale

Those  garden's secret keepers became silent 
Whose tune of pathos  was the means of mellowness

The garden's  inhabitants were still mourning Shibli
When  Hali  also became a traveler towards Paradise

Still he is a fool who is asking  the gardener
What did nightingale say, what did rose hear, what did zephyr do ?

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