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The Poem Based on a Verse of Abu Talib Kalim


Your regard for the ways of the Lord of Yathrib is strange
Your life is exhibiting that you are not a Muslim

What  made heavens contained in your ring's  circle
O Sulaiman ! that jewel is lost by your negligence !

That mark of prostration which used to shine like a star
Your forehead has now become unacquainted with that mark !

Just look at your actions, do you envisage 
That candor whose fearlessness was always wonderful

Your ancestors eye was the thunderbolt for falsehood
The same falsehood is now lodged in your breast

O negligent one come and inhabit in your abode again
The discerning Kalim is singing on the spiritual Tur

You must be subservient to whom you had become rebellious
From wherever you departed like flame, turn back to it

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