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How cruel, tyrant and vindictive the Ruhailah was
He blinded  the Mughal Emperor with the point of  his dagger

The tyrant ordered members of the royal household to dance
This tyranny was no less than the Judgment  Day's  signal

For the delicate ladies of the royal household it was
Utterly impossible to comply with this shameless order

Ah ! The merciless  one made them the means of pleasure
Whose beauty had been veiled from sun's, moon's and stars

The feeble hearts were throbbing, the feet were forced to move
A river of  blood was flowing  from the wet eyes of the princesses

For some time his eyes remained thus absorbed in seeing
In confusion he freed his head from the load of Mighfar

He untied the deadly, fire-spitting sword from the waist 
Whose sharpness was a source of luminescence to the stars

He put the dagger in front, and lied down in some thought 
Sleep was demanding rest from the red eyes so to say

The water of sleep extinguished the embers of his eyes
The tyrant's sight became ashamed of the painful spectacle!

He got up and started saying this to Taimur's household
You should have no complaint against your fate

My sleeping in the couch was a mere show, an affectation
Because stupor is foreign to the dignity of fighters

It was my intention that some daughter of  Taimur 
Considering me unconscious might kill me with my own dagger,

But at last this secret has dawned to the whole world
Concern for honor has departed from Taimur's household

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