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One night stars started saying this to the dew
Every morning new sights are available to you

Who  knows how many worlds you have seen!
Relics of those who rose and fell you have seen

Venus has heard this news from an angel
That human habitation is very far from the sky 

Tell us the tale of this beautiful realm
The ode of whose love the moon sings

O stars ! Do not ask me about the earth's garden 
A place of sighs and wailing it is, not a garden

The zephyr comes from there only to return 
The poor flower-bud opens only to wither

What can I tell you how garden-brightening the flower-bud is
Some little flame without warmth the flower-bud is

The rose cannot hear the nightingale's call 
It cannot pick up the pearls from my skirt

The melodious birds are imprisoned, it is outrageous
The thorns grow just under  the rose, it is outrageous

The eye of the sick narcissus always remains wet
The heart longs for sight, but the eye is sightless

The elm tree is tormented with the  heat of complaint
The elm tree is nominally free but is really a prisoner

The stars are the sparks  of sighs to the human eye
In the rose garden's language I am only lament's cry

Circumambulation of moon round the earth ignorance is 
It thinks there the cure for its  scar of Love is 

The foundation of the world's abode is in the air
It is the picture of lament on the sheet of space !

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