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Fatimah Daughter of Abd Allah


(An Arab Girl who was Martyred While Serving Water to the Fighters against Infidels in the Battle of Tripoli, 1912)


Fatimah ! The honor of the blessed Ummah you are 
All specks of your handful  of dust innocent are

O nymph of wilderness this happiness in your destiny was
Serving water to fighters against infidels your destiny was 

This holy war in God's  cause without armaments is!
How courage-inspiring this desire for martyrdom is!

This flower-bud also in the autumn-stricken garden was!
O Lord! Such a spark also concealed in our ashes was!

In our wilderness many a deer still concealed is 
Many a lightning asleep even in the rained out clouds is!

Fatimah ! Though in your grief the eye  shedding dew is
The tune of  pleasure also in our wailing of grief is 

How pleasing the dancing of your dust is!
Every speck full of the warmth of life is 

Some  activity in your silent grave is 
A nation being reared in this lap is 

Though unaware of the extent of their aims I am
Their re-birth from this grave discerning I am

New stars appearing in the celestial space are
Whose light waves strange to the human eye are

Who just arisen from the dark house of time are 
Whose lights unaware of limitations of day and night are

In whose brightness the old as well as the new ways are 
And also the shadows of stars of your destiny are

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