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From under the horizon’s skirt is appearing

The day and night’s virgin daughter that is dawn

The sky has completed benedictions for the star’s crop

The sun has decorated the eastern horizon with mirrors

The sky, getting news of the arrival of the sun

Has packed up night’s litter on dust‐cloud’s shoulders

The sun’s flame seems to be the produce of this field

Which was sown by sky’s farmer as sparks of stars

The morning star is on the way from the sky retrieving

As the last nightly worshiper from the mosque be retrieving

What a beautiful sight it is as somebody slowly

Draws the bright sword from the sheath’s darkness

The dawn’s meaning in the eastern horizon is hidden

As inside the goblet the pleasant wine is hidden

The dawn is under the skirt of the friendly breeze

The noise of the conch is mixed with the call of adhan

All the singing birds woke up by the cuckoo’s call

Every string of dawn’s system has become musical

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