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O worldly congregation! Though your gatherings were attractive

This g
hazal is on the subject of the controversy between Intellect and Love, for which see Chapter 3, paragraph "Controversy of `Aql O Dil". The climax is reached in verses 2 and 4. Allamah Iqbal has expressed this thought in many poems, a few are of which are presented below;

(191) B `Al in the Lailah's camel's dust-clouds is lost
Rumi's hand got the curtain of her litter

(192) This dived deeper so as to reach the pearl
That got caught in the whirlpool like mote

(Appendix III, No. 24.)

(193) In logic I get the smell of immaturity
Its arguments are arguments of immaturity!

(194) The closed doors are opened to me
By a verse of Rumi or Jami

(Appendix III, No. 33.)

O worldly congregation! Though your gatherings were attractive
Some degree of melancholy there was in your spectacles

Finally that dust acquired comfort in Love
Which had been wandering long in Intellect's wilderness

O Wine! How much enamored you were with the custom of concealment
After emerging from grape's veil you were concealed in the decanter

Knowledge could not comprehend the Beauty's effect
So much ignorance prevailed in all the world's sages

O Iqbal! I have searched for it in Europe in vain
The characteristic which was in the beauties of India


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