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Thy splendor is manifest in thunder, in fire, in spark

This ghazal is mainly on "Wahdat al-Shuhud ". This thought has been expressed in verses 1 5 and 7. The remaining two verses are also in the same trend and mean that the true Lover of God does not care for reward on the Day of Judgment, not even the reward of  His Sight.

Thy splendor is manifest in thunder, in fire, in spark
Thy luster is evident in the moon, in the sun, in the star

Thy elegance exists in skies' heights, and in earths' depths
It is in the ocean's flow, and in falling behind of the shore

Why should
Shari`ah be the accuser of the eloquence' taste?
I only conceal the meaning of my heart in metaphors

The real life
1 in Man is pervading in everything
It is in tree, in flower, in animal, in stone, in star

The heat of the drop of Love's tear has consumed me
Boundless fire existed in this little drop of water

There is no longing in me for reward of the Judgment Day
I am the merchant who sees profit in the loss

Being unaware of tranquillity is existence for it
O God! Restlessness of which heart is residing in mercury

O Iqbal I am silent after hearing the call of "
Lan Tarani" 2
Being afflicted with separation I have no strength for importunity

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