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The world will know when the flood of conversation will emerge from my heart

ghazal is difficult linguistically as well as in contents. Its main theme is longing for knowledge, which is a basic human character. The Longing for the Ultimate Truth or the Zat of God is the noblest thirst for knowledge and falls to the share of the spiritually highest strata of the human society. This thought is contained in verses 1,2,4,6,7,8, and 12. However, this Longing requires ethical and spiritual elegance. Those who do not have this elegance cannot be benefited from this Longing (verse 3). Such people have the longing only for the material objects of life (verses 5 and 10). People who have the Longing for the Truth get the spiritual fulfillment of life and, among other things, are liable to appreciate the Unity of God in the diversity of His creation (verses 11 and 12). Two verses, 9 and 13, are personal. The former is a sarcasm on the people who do not understand him and so disregard or even condemn him. The latter is also the closing verse to express his goodwill to his relatives and friends.

The contradiction between verse 2 and 13 is only apparent. The former refers to an inanimate object like the pearl, i.e. a person without ability of comprehension, while the latter is with reference to himself and others like him, i.e. Mumins with ability to comprehend.

The world will know when the flood of conversation will emerge from my heart

This is not my silence, but is the shrine of the word of my Longing

As the ocean wave said, "My dignity is established by flowing"
The pearl said, "Sitting in shell is the safety of my brightness"

Whose temperament does not deserve are not improved by training
Reflection of the river bank's cypress does not prosper by living in the water

I did not see any heart in which Longing is not concealed
O God! What is Thy universe! It is a picture gallery of Longing

It dawned after death that our life was a spell of greed
What we called material body, was dust cloud of greed's lane

Why am I the embodiment of search if nothing is concealed?
The sight is Longing for the Spectacle, the heart is mad after the Search

The garden's flower bud asked the gardener, "Why is Man so heartless?
The breaking of my wine glass is occasion for smile in your eyes

The effulgence of Love emanates from every speck of the existence' garden
If you know the reality of rose, it is also a combination of color and fragrance"

All my writings are anachronism, my poetry is completely  defective
If somebody sees some skill in me it is the fault of my critic

Decorum requires silence, otherwise Thy Mercy is worse than Tyranny
Thou hast given a tiny heart, which also is misled towards greed

Unity's perfection is so evident that if you cut with the knife ' s tip
Sure you would see human blood trickling out of the rose' vein

The age of
taqlid has passed, allegorism should depart!
When the Truth itself is evident who is authorized to talk?

If I am far from home, my relatives should not be sad
Like pearl separation from home is perfecting my elegance

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