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The Message Of Love

In this poem `Allamah Iqbal is conveying the message dearest and nearest to his heart. i.e. persuading the Muslim Ummah to rise from their slumber to strive and struggle in the cause of God for carrying out the original Divine Command of fulfilling the obligations of being the martyrs of His Love and His cause. The whole poem is the message of the Love of God addressed to the Muslim Ummah.

Listen O seeker of heart's pathos ! I am
Naz, you should become Niaz 1
I am the Ghaznavi of heart's Somnath, you completely become Ayaz

Greatness in the world is not associated with the Alexander's splendor
Your breast has everything, you should also become the maker of mirrors

The aim of life's struggle is perfection of your Crescent's grandeur
You are the world's oldest Divine Command, be fulfilled like prayer

Be not contented, O gardener, your dignity is established by this alone
If flowers abound in the garden, you should become a more ardent beggar

Gone are those days, these are not the times for wandering in wilderness
Become melted in the world like the congregation's lighted candle

The individual's existence is unreal, the nation's existence is real
Be devoted to the nation, become destroyer of the unreal's magic

Iqbal ! These sectarians of India are working like azar
Saving your skirt from idols become the dust of the way of Hijaz

Explanatory Notes
1. Naz and Niaz- See Appendix II. In the first hemistich of this verse Love addresses those who are anxious to develop the Love of God  and says that this Love is the beloved and it is necessary to become a true Lover to win it. In the second hemistich the same message is repeated in another form.

2. Ghaznavi, Somnath and Ayaz See Appendix I, No. 34.

3. Alexander See Appendix I, No. 6. He is believed to have made a mirror of very highly polished copper plate, which is alluded to here. This verse means that being a conqueror like Alexander does not make a person 'great'. However making a mirror with the help of one's knowledge and effort does confer greatness. As a Mumin has the potential for making the mirror he has also the potential for attaining greatness.

4. This is a reminder to the Muslim Ummah that they are the vice gerents of God on earth and for that reason are charged with the responsibility of establishing the sovereignty of God on earth. It is a reminder to them that they should rise to their responsibilities and achieve what is expected of them.

5. azar See Appendix I, No. 13. This verse means that the people who are creating and nurturing sectarian poison in India are like azar, and Muslims should avoid them and keep their own objectives before them, close their ranks and attain those objectives.

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