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An Evening (On The River Necker's Banks, Heidelberg, Germany)


This is a beautiful nature poem which reflects the poet's feelings created by the silent serene scene on the banks of the River Neckar near Heidelberg in Germany, where he had lived in connection with his doctorate degree. This poem is on the lines of  the poetry of the famous nature's poet of England, William Wordsworth ( 1770 1850 ) . He is one of `Allamah Iqbal's favorite poets. The last verse shows that `Allamah Iqbal was at that time  (1905 08) in some grief. We have seen in the previous poems what that grief was and we shall see more of it as we proceed. May God confer that grief on all Mumins.

The moon's light is silent
The branches of every tree are silent

The songsters of the valley are silent
The green trees of the mountain are silent

Nature has become unconscious
It is sleeping in the night's lap

Some such spell of serenity exists
That Neckar's flow is also serene

The caravan of stars is silent
The caravan is moving without the bell

Silent are the mountains, forest, river
As if Nature is absorbed in deep meditation

O Heart! You should also become silent
Taking grief in your lap go to sleep

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