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This short poem is an eloquent but sad commentary on the status of Man as it stands at present. All creation in the universe is bound by the laws of its Creator and is busy in the performance of the tasks assigned to it. All creatures enjoy obeying their Creator. However, Man, the masterpiece of creation, by misusing his autonomy, disobeys the laws of his Creator and has landed himself in very un enviable situation of strife and other forms of suffering with the added affliction that there is none to sympathize with him in his travail.

What an ingenious tyranny of Nature it is!

Man has been made a seeker of the Secret
The Secret has been concealed from his eyes

The taste for awareness is restless
The secret of life is not un raveled

Amazing is the alpha and omega of life
What else is there in the mirror's house?

The river stream is moving fast
The river is moving towards the ocean

The wind is blowing the cloud
Is bringing the cloud on its shoulders

Stars are intoxicated with destiny's wine
They are chained in the prison of the sky

The sun, that early rising devotee
That carrier of the message of "rise"

Concealed in the hills of the west
Is drinking wine in twilight's goblet

Everything is enjoying its existence
It is intoxicated with manifestation's wine

None is sympathetic with Man!
How bitter is the life of Man!

Explanatory Notes
1. Alpha and Omega- Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. This word is also used for the brightest star in a constellation. Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. The phrase is used for the most important person or entity, e.g. The New Testament, The Book of Revelations of Saint John the Divine, Chapter 1:8, in which S.  Musa A.S. is supposed to have said to Saint John in his dream "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending." In this verse Allamah Iqbal uses this phrase to show the intrinsic value and elegance of Man, and also the miraculous way in which he was created by God.

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