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The Moon And Stars


This poem gives the message of Longing and Constant Struggle which is a very strong message in Allamah Iqbal's works. The poem brings out the universal law that everything from the nuclear elementary particles to the stars and countless constellations is in constant motion. Stationary condition is an optical illusion as is partially stated in the theory of relativity. Following from this fact about the physical universe and the teachings of the Holy Qur'an is his message to Muslims that dynamism is the secret of success in this world as in the hereafter. His works are replete with these two concepts as is shown by the following two verses:

(181) Constantly flowing is the river of life
Everything creates the flow of life

(Appendix III, No. 29,  p. 170 )

(182) Dynamism produces life, paradise as well as hell
Man in his nature is made neither of light nor of fire

(Appendix III, No. 25, p. 3131)

Being scared by the approaching dawn
Stars started saying to the moon

"The same scenes have continued in the sky
We became even tired of continuous shining

Our duty is moving morning till night
Moving, moving, continuously moving

Everything in this universe is restless
What is known as rest does not exist

Remain oppressed by the moving all
Stars, mankind, trees, rocks and all

Will this journey ever finish?
Will destination be ever visible?"

The moon started saying, "O Companions"!
"O gleaners of the field of night

In motion is the life of the universe
This is an age old custom of this place

The horse of time is ever running
Flogged by the desire for search

Resting on this path is inappropriate
Concealed in the rest's cloak is death

Those who were moving, have moved away!
Those halting a little, have been trampled!

The reward for this moving is Beauty
Love is the beginning, the end is Beauty

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