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The Flower Bud


This is another short poem in which ‘Allamah Iqbal has used a common object like the flower bud to explain mystic secrets and to show the way to recognizing, loving and revering God. The sun is one of His prominent creations and the influence of the sun produces the marvels and mysteries of the flower bud. Through the flower bud one can comprehend God. The Holy Qur’an has repeatedly appealed to Man to recognize the Existence of God on the basis of the innumerable signs in the ufaq (the universe) round us. The following verses specifically refer to the signs based on the sun and the phenomena connected with it: 2:164; 3:190; 6:95-99; 10:5-6; 17:12; 30:20-27; 36:37-40; and 45:3-6. The poem also supports the theory of Wahdat al- Shuhud.

When the dawn uncovers its beautiful cheek
The flower bud uncovers its golden breast

It is manifest in the dawn's tavern
Its life is in the goblet of the sun

It opens up its heart before the sun
It enjoys the Love's anguish immensely

My sun ! You should also lift your veil some time
My restless eye is impatient to witness your sight

May the abode of your manifestations be in my heart
May your reflection flourish in the mirror of my breast

May your sight be the life for my heart
May your light be the cradle of my heart

May every speck of mine full of pleasure be again
May life's warmth appear again in the skill of my thoughts

May I view my sun's sight from the distance
May I embrace its light like a flower bud

May I highlight the reality of the restless life
May I also open the secret of heart 's thoughts

Explanatory Notes
1. This and the remaining verses are the spontaneous expression of ‘Allamah Iqbal's feelings of Love for God and request to Him to appear in tangible form instead of through His signs, like the sun. In this poem "My sun" means God.

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