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The Beauty And The Love


This poem is the spontaneous manifestation of Divine Love in the breast of ‘Allamah Iqbal. The language is very mystical and metaphorical. The poem contains all the attributes of ‘
Ishq-i-Haqiqi ’ (Love of God) in the terminology of ‘Ishq-i-Majazi (Love of created beings used metaphorically) as is the practice in the Islamic mystic poetry.

Just as the moon’s silver boat is drowned
In the storm of sun’s light at the break of dawn

Just as the moon-like lotus disappears
Behind the veil of light in the moon-lit night

Just like the Kalim’s radiant palm in the Tur’s effulgence
And the flower bud’s fragrance in the wave of garden’s breeze

Similar is my heart in the flood of Thy Love

If Thou art the assembly, I am the assembly’s splendor
If Thou art the Beauty’s thunder, I am the produce of Love

If Thou art the dawn, my tears are Thy dew
If I am traveler’s night, Thou art my twilight

My heart harbors Thy disheveled hair locks
My bewilderment is created by Thy picture

Thy Beauty is Perfect, my Love is perfect

Thou art the spring’s breeze for my poetry’s garden
Thou gave tranquillity to my restless imagination

Since Thy Love took residence in my breast
New lights have been added to my mirror

Love’s nature gets stimulation for Perfection from Beauty
My hope’s trees flourished through Thy favor

My caravan has reached its destination

Explanatory Notes
1. Allusion to the miracle by which the palm of S. Musa A.S. turned radiant on the Mount Tur which was one of the signs of God as described in the Holy Qur‘an 27:12 and 28: 32.

2. This verse alludes to the high status of Man in the universe.

3. Just as the evening’s twilight constitutes its beauty, the Love of God creates and perfects the beauty of Man.

4. Just as the spring’s breeze confers and perfects the beauty of the garden the Love of God confers and perfects the beauty of the literary works of ‘Allamah Iqbal. These attributes of the Love of God can be extended to any other person who strives to create and nurture it in his breast. This thought is continued in the next two verses.

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