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The Message


This is an early poem of the 1905-08 period, when ‘Allamah Iqbal was in Europe. This period was one of fundamental change in his political as well as spiritual thought. This change was created by his close study of the Western society and their thought as well as actions. The change was an ardent aversion to the Western thought, values and institutions and a move towards owning Islamic values and establishing Islamic institutions. The first five verses of this poem contain the message of the latter and the last two verses point to the former. We shall see more of both as we proceed through the book .

Love made you acquainted with the taste of affliction
Like assembly’s candle give affliction’s gift to the assembly

The illuminating Love depends on God’s Benevolence
To whomever He may give without restriction of temple or aaram

Like the candle the mantle of light he does not get
Whom God does not give effective wail in the world

He is in the star, the moon, the dawn’s theatre of display
You need not apply discrimination’s collyrium to the Sightful eye

Love is exalted above the customs and usages of prayers
If Beauty has ecstasy of elegance you too give elegant reply

O Tavern-keeper! Pleasure is the only effect of West’s wine
It does not have pleasure of affliction, give me the home-made wine

Do you not know? The old congregation has changed
For God’s sake do not give them materialism’s wine

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