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The Reality of The Beauty


The central message of this short poem is that every material object in the Universe, including material beauty, is liable to wane and perish. Only God is eternal. This is also the central message of the Holy Qur’an. This is implied all through the Book and is expressly stated in many verses, such as 2:255; 20:111; 28:88; 40:65; 55:27; 59:22-24 which are presented as a small sample.

Beauty one day put this question to God
Why did you not make me eternal in the world?

The answer was that the world is like a picture gallery
The world is the story of the long night of annihilation

As the nature of change is the basis of its display
Only that is beautiful whose reality is decline

The moon was somewhere near and it heard this conversation
It became well-known in the heaven, the morning star heard

Having heard from the star the morning related it to the dew
It exposed the celestial world’s secret to earth’s confidante

The flower’s eye started weeping from the dew’s message
The flower bud’s little heart was injured by this sorrow

The spring weeping from the garden departed
Youth had come for amusement, sad it departed


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