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On The Banks of The Ravi



In the evening's serenity the Ravi melodious is
Do not ask me what the condition of my heart is

This became message of prostrations rise and fall to me
The whole world became precincts of the h
aram to me

I am standing at the bank of the running water
However, I do not know where I am standing

The red wine has colored the skirt of the evening
The aged sky is holding wine cup in its trembling hand

The day's fast moving caravan is advancing to its end
The evening's twilight is the sun's flower so to say

In the distance those solitary structures are standing
They are the minarets of the Mughal emperors' tombs

This place is the tale of revolution's tyranny
This place is some book of the bygone age

This place is a silent orchestra so to say
Not trees ! But it is a serene assembly so to say

A fast moving boat is sailing on its surface
Whose sailor is fighting fiercely with the waves

This boat is in fast speed like the sight
Getting out of sight, it has gone far away

The ship of Man's life is sailing in the same way
It is present as well as hidden in eternity's sea

It never gets acquainted with defeat
It is concealed from sight but is not effaced !


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