A Bird And the Fire-Fly


Early in the evening a song bird
Sitting on a branch was singing

It saw a glowing object on the ground
Considering it a fire fly flew down to it

The fire-fly said to the singing bird
"O singing bird, do not kill a helpless creature,

Who gave chirping to you, and fragrance to the rose
The same God gave the glittering light to me

I am clad in the apparel of light
I am the ñur of the insects' world

If your chirping is the ear's pleasure
My brightness also is the sight's pleasure

Nature has given light to my wings
It has given fascinating voice to you

He taught singing to your beak
He made me the torch of the garden

He bestowed glitter upon me, voice upon you
Conferred warmth upon me and music upon you

Warmth is not the opposite of music
Everywhere warmth is the associate of music

The assembly of existence is based on these alone
All the world's manifestations are through these alone

The world's assembly is based on harmony alone
The bloom of this garden is based on this alone"

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