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The Heart


Tales of gallows and crucifixion are mere child's play for the Heart1
The request of
Arin 2 is only the title of the story of the Heart

O Lord! How powerful the full cup of that wine would be?
The Way to eternity is each single line on the measuring cup of the Heart

O Lord! Was it the cloud of mercy or the thunderbolt of Love
When the life's crop got burned down, sprouted the seed of the Heart

You would have got the Beauty's bountiful treasure
O Farhad
3 ! You never dug into the ruins of the Heart

Now it looks like the ‘ ‘
Arsh ’, now like the Ka'bah
O God! Whose lodging is the abode of my Heart

It has its own
junun4 and I have my own sawda4
The Heart loves someone else and I love the Heart

You do not comprehend this, O simple hearted ascetic!
Envy of a thousand prostrations is one slip of the Heart

It changes the heap of earth into elixir
Such is the power of the ashes of the Heart

It gains freedom after being caught in the net of Love
On being thunder-struck greens up the tree of the Heart

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