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The Sun

(Translated from Gautier)

This is a short poem in praise of the sun and describes the benefits we derive from it. See Appendix I, No. 30 for Gautier.

O Sun! The world's essence and motivator you are
The organizer of the book of the world you are

The splendor of existence has been created by you
The verdure of the garden of existence depends on you

The spectacle of elements is maintained by you
The exigency of life in all is maintained by you

Your appearance confers stability on everything
Your illumination and concord is completion of life

You are the sun which establishes light in the world
Which establishes heart, intellect, essence and wisdom

O Sun! Bestow on us the light of wisdom
Bestow your luster's light on the intellect's eye

You are the decorator of necessaries of existence' assemblage
You are the Yazdan
1 of the denizens of the high and the low

Your excellence is reflected from every living thing
The mountain range also shows your elegance

You are the sustainer of the life of all
You are the king of the light's children

There is no beginning and no end of yours
Free of limits of time is the light
2 of yours

Explanatory Notes
1. Yazdan- In the pre-Islamic Zoroastrian philosophy of Persia he is the god of good and virtue as opposed to Ahraman, who is the god of evil and sin.
2. This does not mean that the sun is eternal in the theological sense, but that it will last in the present form till the existence of the material universe in its present form.

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