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61. The Worth of Things



61. The Worth of Things
God created things; man created the worth of things. The immortality of a people depends upon their incessant creation of “worths,” said Nietzsche. Things certainly bear the stamp of Divine manufacture; but their meaning is through and through human.

* This reflection was incorporated into the paper ‘The Muslim Community’ the same year (1910), and reworded: “We must criticise our values, perhaps transvaluate them; and, if necessary, create new worths; since the immortality of a people, as Nietzsche has so happily put, depends upon the incessant creation of worths. Things certainly bear the stamp of divine manufacture, but their meaning is through and through human.” – KAS.
* The original reflection, however, was published without any changes in New Era, Lucknow, in 1917 – KAS.



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